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Your binary beach property
Buying the right domain from FullWebBuilder™ is like steaking your claim on beachfront property in a paradise island resort location. Buying corresponding domains (like .org, .net, .us) can help your potential customers find you instead of imposters and competitors trying to cash-in on your hard work and a potential customer’s typo.
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There’s no need to build a website for your personal domain; simply point it to your personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram account, or other popular social media outlet where you make your greatest presence known.

Have an Etsy Shop?
Great! Point your personal domain there, and voila! Instant branding to your personal products.

Elevate your professional social media platform.
Use your personal domain to point to your LinkedIn account, and impress your next resume reader with a personal domain in your contact info. Add an email account to that domain, and your prospective employers will know you’re one tech savvy and professional polished candidate.
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Brand Enhancing
“Branding” has become a commonly known term regarding business marketing over the past two decades. It is more than a pair of golden arches, or an ominous surround sound roar before the start of a movie. Branding is perfecting the image and experience of a company or product in the public’s mind. When it comes to the internet, a domain name is often the iron to the rawhide of the digital world. If your website is the denim; your code is the stitching, and your domain is the signature leather patch on those Levi’s jeans.
Domain Privacy
Privacy | Domain Name Public Listing Blocking Service

Keep your private life private.

Once you register a domain, your personal information is displayed in a public directory, which is a primary resource for hackers and spammers. With Domain Name Privacy from Full Web Builder, your private information will be replaced with generic information from a trusted privacy agency. Any legitimate correspondence will be routed to you through that agency while hundreds of thousands of harmful hack attempts and spam messages will be filtered out.

Keep your name, mailing address, email, and phone number of that public list. You retain control of your domain at all times while our privacy experts help you retain control of your personal information.
Protect your brand by creating an exclusive piece of digital real-estate which echoes your company or organization name before someone else does. If you have a good idea for a domain, it’s best to snatch it up for $14.99 a year, otherwise you may find yourself buying something like “” later for a staggering $872 million dollars! (That’s right. In February of 2015, a domain investor uncovered an SEC filing indicating to be valued at two and a half billion dollars, with a massive $872,320,000.00 accredited to the domain name itself.)
Why register your domain with us?
There may be larger domain name registration services out there, but not with our level of personal commitment to your excellence and support.

With more options than you were likely aware existed, we can help you find your perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for a or a, or something as out there as .guru, we’ve got you covered.

And with US based customer support available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we’re ready to ensure your investments remain protected and performing.
Take Control
Take control of your digital real estate with a brand-enhancing domain name. You don’t want to be the “professional” with a “” email address. With a domain, you can attach a professional “” suffix on that sharp business card. (But if you want as your domain, you’re going to have to spend some cash. The current owner is listing it for sale at $600,000.00. And this… is why you want to get your domain now.) You do not even need to build a website with it. You can have the domain point to your social media account, and hire FullWebBuilder™ to build your site once that cash starts flowing in.

Frequently asked DNS (Domain Name) Questions

What does DNS stand for?

DNS stands for Domain Name Systems. DNS is an internet protocol service utilized to network multiple devices together by giving them addresses and roadmaps to one another.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are part of the Internet Protocol (IP) Address system. Each computer connected to a network obtains an IP address. Rather than remembering these numerical values, domain names are alpha-numerical substitutes which are much easier to remember. While is easy to remember, just has a much easier ring to it, doesn’t it?

This Domain Name System (DNS) translates this easier to remember address back into the numerical IP address, allowing networked computers to communicate amongst themselves. When a domain name is entered into a web browser, that program utilizes the DNS value to locate the corresponding IP value and displays any website associated with same.

Whether you have a business, non-profit organization, or want an online personal/professional portfolio, Full Web Builder can assist you in creating the best domain name to fit your need.

Find your fit with Then, get the right business class hosting solutions to meet your needs and make your wishes come true.

What is the purpose of a domain name?

Domain names serve as a unique identity. Aside from being part of the Internet Protocol system, they serve as brand-enhancing (or harming, if not chosen wisely) parts of a business. A unique domain name is a must for promoting a brand.

Does Full Web Builder offer help with domain name searches?
Yes, we can help you out with finding your best fit. Our DNS search tool offers AI powered suggestions based on your search criteria an its ever expanding knowledge library of searches and web-traffic data. If you’re looking for a more personal level of support, you can always give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Are there character limits to domain names?

Domain names need to be at least one character long, and can experience issues when exceeding 63 characters. This is not a problem for 99.99999% of entities out there as finding a brand enhancing domain falls well within those parameters. There are also exclusions regarding the characters which can be used in a domain name. Full Web Builder’s DNS search tool will help you identify if you are trying to use such characters.

What if the domain name I want is already in use?

With the plethora of DNS choices out there, you should not be downhearted if the domain name you want is already registered. If you really want that domain, you can always attempt to purchase that domain from the current owner.

We will be happy to help you contact, negotiate, and facilitate the transferring of any domain name ownership.

How do I get something other than a .com domain?

Some domains have restrictions, requiring you to provide ample documentation in order to obtain them. While .org, .net, and many others are readily available, suffixes like .gov and .edu require registration to specific government agencies, documentation of same, and verification services, and even separate, specialized registration offices to obtain them. But do not let that stop you from pursuing such a domain. If you’re an educational institution, not only will the .edu help boost your branding, but so will all of the steps you need to take to obtain same.