Security Services for Websites

Website Security


Protect your website and your customers with FullWebBuilder's™ website security monitoring and security services.

All FullWebBuilder™ Website Security
plans include the following:

  • Trusted site seal
  • Protection for unlimited pages within a single website
  • Advanced security monitoring
  • Security analysts for advanced issues
  • Unlimited malware removal & hack repair
  • Google blacklist monitoring & removal
  • Expert 24/7 customer support
  • Brand reputation monitoring
  • 30-day money back guarantee

It’s called a virus for a reason.

Viruses, including malware, are called what they are called because of their invasive nature. Designed to spread like a disease, they infect every electronic device they can. Whether your site attracts 100 or 1-million visitors a day, virus and malware threatens your site just as much as’s.

With the ever increasing AI of Google’s crawling bots, more is on the line than ever before. Aside from corrupting the data on your website, your site can be black-listed by Google and other search engines due to your infected web-server.

Additional server security is like insurance. You don’t buy car insurance because you expect to get into an accident. You buy insurance because the financial consequences of a crash are far worse of a burden that the monthly premiums of your insurance.

The Essential Plan:

Same day response times
12-hour or less response times when malware is detected and automated cleanups are not enough. We will keep you informed of all progress, and let you know when the issue is taken care of.

Malware scans, detection, and removal services
Daily site scans of your webserver | Unlimited iterations.

Blacklist monitoring & listing corrections
Should your site become blacklisted by Google, we will notify you of the issue while also working on a remedy.
Sucuri Website Security
Peace of mind backed by


Powered by Sucuri, an advanced server protection tool engineered for ease of use and rapid deployment, your website will remain safe while you remain busy. With no installation software, your website will undergo daily scans with automatic fixes to any flagged issues. If the automation tools fail to rectify an issue, a team of security experts will jump into action at no additional cost. That is the power of the FullWebBuilder™ and Sucuri system in your corner.

Looking for encrypted transmissions?

SSL Security

Get the green lock on your website with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security certificate from FullWebBuilder™. Encrypt the data between your website and your customers. Let your customers know it's safe to be on your site, submit information on your forms, and complete a financial transaction.

Additional Security Measures included in select packages

Website Application Firewalls

WAF Protection

Website Application Firewall prevention is a system which seeks to cease malware before it has the chance to infect your website. The WAF intercepts and inspects incoming data packets, automatically removing malicious code from same much like a water filter cleans a waterline.

Content Delivery Network

CDN Boosting

Reducing load times of your site by 50% or more, our Content Delivery Network performance boosting system stores your content on multiple servers around the world, ensuring close proximity of your visitors to your data. And with multiple data-servers, attacks can occur on more than one while your data remains safe.

DNS Attack Prevention

Denial of Service

Mischievous hackers, including your potential competitors, can bring down your site by flooding your server with automated traffic sequences. And even when your site does not crash, but slows down significantly, your customers and thus your bottom line are the ones left to suffer. Implementing the right WAF protocols prevents these types of attacks.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Brute Force Blocks

If you’re a fan of TV crime shows, you may have heard this term before, “Brute Force.” Brute Force is a hacking program created for the sole purpose of busting down the locked doors between a hacker and a target. The program automatically cycles through every possible password combination until it locks on a working set and reports same back to the hacker.

Mass-Data Attack Blocking

Injection Blocking

Depending on your database architecture, your website content may be less secure than you think. With Injection techniques, a hacker can send malicious data along with a normal command or query, thus tricking your website into performing an action it should not. If a hacker wants your entire customer database to then begin robo-calling each member to scam them, an injection flaw attack is one way they will try to get your customers.

Cross Site Scripting Prevention

XXS Prevention

Cross-site scripting is an attack which sends data supplied by the user to a web browser without proper validation. Hackers utilize these techniques to mislead users away from your website to their dark-web pages which are set up to look just like yours. There, you not only lose business, your customers become an identify theft’s next victim. By the time they straighten that mess out, you can be sure that customer will never return to your virtual store.

Swift Zero-Day Attack Action

Zero-Day Attacks

Some hackers are really on their game, launching attacks across the web as soon as a new vulnerability is discovered. With such a quick attack, no patch has yet been made available, increasing the vulnerability of the web at large as well as the chances of the hacker’s success in achieving its mischievous/malicious intent. Zero Day Attacks are similar to “acts of god” for insurance. They are almost impossible to predict and prepare for. However, with proper WAF protocols, your website can be patched almost as soon as a Zero Day Attack is discovered and remedies disclosed.

Frequently asked questions about Website Security


How often do you scan my site for malware and viruses?

FullWebBuilder™ will scan your website every day. For select security packages, those daily iterations can be increased to as much as 30-minute increments. All scans producing threat detections will result in immediate notifications to you regarding the issue.


How does website security from FullWebBuilder™ work?

If your website has been compromised, but you’re happy as long as it’s back up and running in 24 hours, our basic plan is for you. If you need it fixed immediately, then you need Website Security 3 | Express from FullWebBuilder™. With our Tier-3 plan, malware scanning and cleanup begins immediately. Once activated, you can access your dashboard and request a more thorough cleanup. In less than an hour a security team will diagnose and clean up your site with a 100% guarantee. If we see your site has been blacklisted with Google, we will also get that cleaned up for you as well.


What more do I get with the Tier-2 and Tier-3 services?

Our Tier-1 (Essential) plan covers your site’s basic security needs. With daily scans, it guarantees the protection and any necessary cleanup of suspicious malware.


Our Tier-2 (Deluxe) security suite increases your site security and performance by replicating your site on multiple servers around the globe. This way, your site loads faster, and any single server compromised by an attack can be temporarily taken down and traffic re-routed to the next closest server while a remedy is in progress. The Deluxe package also includes additional firewall protections utilizing WAF protocols. These systems automatically block any traffic flagged by the system as suspicious or otherwise dangerous in design.


Our Tier-3 package, Website Security 3 | Express from FullWebBuilder™ is like driving in Nascar and having a professional pit-crew ready at all times. With our fastest load times and response times, any complex issues not taken care of by the automated systems themselves are met with a team of security experts. This package also includes website backup and easy-restore of your site, free of charge.


Do I get backup files with your security plans?

Our security protocols will generate backups of any files that are modified during the cleanup process. Those files are held for a short period of time which you can request access to, should you need them. For routine backups of your website and its databases, we have site backup plans available.


Do I need website security if I have an SSL on my site?

Yes, you do. SSL security certificates are processes which encrypt data between your website and your visitors. SSL’s do not protect websites from other security risks, such as virus and malware, SQL injections and Denial of Service attacks. If you want complete protection for your site and for your customers, coupling SSL security protocols with our Tier-3 security package will get the job done in spades.


How does CDN help keep my data secure?

FullWebBuilder’s™ Content Delivery Network is an array of servers positioned around the globe to maximize speed and security. Originally designed for reducing load-times for visitors, especially those on mobile devices with low bandwidth, we have configured the system to act as a data backup and virus prevention tool as well. Each server actively copies the other server’s data, much like RAID technology in a single server copies its data across drives. If one server is compromised, the connection to the other stations are severed, your data is secure, and the next closest station broadcasts while the infected server is taken care of.


What is WAF, and how does it work?

WAF is a Web Application Firewall. It is a cloud-based firewall service which monitors and protects a website in real-time by filtering the website traffic from threats such as injection attempts, content and ping spammers, and denial of service attackers. A Web Application Firewall takes mere minutes to set up and becomes the initial defense for your website.


Can I get your security package even if my website is not hosted through FullWebBuilder™?

Yes. Yes, you can. We have a mission to make the internet a fast, efficient, and safe place. As such, our security platforms can work with a variety of CMS hosted sites, including Joomla, Drupal, and the ever-popular WordPress. We can even work with custom-coded sites built on HTML, PHP, and ASP technologies.