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All the support of our Extended Support Package PLUS 8 hours of Tech Support each year.

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Are you looking to get a whole lot more for a small amount more in your budget? Our Premium Support Package is for you.

With 8 hours of premium tech support each year, you can delegate time-consuming tasks to us while you devote your time to your customers and other business needs.


Plan includes:

  • 8 hours of tech support to be used any way you wish - (IE: Add a new page and fully SEO same; Check into glitches or broken links/features; Random non-related web issues such as database & spreadsheet support, file & graphic conversions & enhancements, etc.)
  • Web Server Hosting on FullWebBuilder's™ fastest SSD & vertical Memory Technology, connected to fiber line ISP's - to ensure the fastest load times to your visitors
  • Monitoring of your website's and web-server's security and stability
  • Tracking of your domain registrations, SSL security certificate renewals, and other products' renewal/expiration dates


NOTE:  Price above is for an annually paid subscription plan.  Get 2 months free when paying annually.  Otherwise the price is $100.00 per month.


DO NOT purchase this plan without first consulting with one of our designers. The consultation is free, and our designers will help you choose the best plan for you. If you have a simple informational site, this may be more expensive than you need. We will be happy to help you find the best fit for your needs, economically as well as logistically.