Consulted with Heart Moore Entertainment (HME) regarding new eCommerce Music Licensing Rights website. Research potential music store engines to reduce start-up costs to investors; provided recommendations to HME regarding same.


Collected archived video footage of Blaqthoven.


Created new website. Installed music store engine and customized setup of same. Wrote custom style scripting code to site for enhanced illumination effects. Converted blog to video posting section (video-blog / vlog).


Created PayPal account for HME executives; tied website’s music store to PayPal account.


Trained HME professionals regarding site maintenance, edits, additions, and Music-store transactions.


About Blaqthoven:

Born Anthony T. Ransom, Blaqthoven arose from the era of R&B music. A child prodigy in a house of music, Blaqthoven grows up to write the back-beats and harmonies of some of rap’s iconic artists and their smash hits, including tracks for Dr. Dre in “Kush,” Talib Kweli’s “How You Love Me,” and Strong Arm Steady’s “Can’t Let it Go” and “Got Beef.” Blaqthoven’s work has also given rise to other groups, such as The Alkaholiks, Tha Eastsidaz, Kurupt, and many more.


Seeing the power and versatility of his music from back-beats and harmonies to corporate video audio backdrops, Blaqthoven worked with Heart Moore Entertainment to license and distribute his compositions online.

Heart Moore Entertainment
Location: Calgary, Alberta (Canada)


March 2018

Primary Client Contact

Anthony Ransom | Gold Record Recording Artist
Patrick Hampton | Producer
Catherine Watson | Primary Investorpro


TC Nguyen