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When Elena Rojas was looking for support for her new online training programs, she consulted with LinkedIn Professional Expert, Melissa Tierney. Melissa passed Elena our information, and we were happy to consult with her in regards to her future vision for her websites. Not quite ready to pull the trigger on that investment, Elena did need some help creating classic logos/emblems for her accredited courses, which she was working with Montclair State University. We opened up our graphic editors and presented Elena with a plethora of options based on her communications. She chose her favorites, presented them to the university. They had some requests. We processed those, and now both Elena’s business and MSU have very personalized accreditation badges to emboss their certificates of course completion with. Five copies of each final logo were provided in various file formats and resolutions, from HD to Ultra-HD (for any future large banner-style or signage printing).


About TST:

Transition Skills Training (TST) is a new digital classroom concept designed by experts in the field. TST students can get help from facilitators who are accredited by the American Translation Association. TST carries more than six decades of professional experience, and offers courses to become a court certified translation professional.


In May of 2018, TST announced its strategic partnership with Montclair State University to deliver two certificate programs for training Analytic Linguists. This marked a first for academic programs available to those seeking access to, as well as training and certification to be, Analytic Linguists.

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Location: Newport, CA


May 2018

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Elena Rojas | CEO


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